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Consistency puzzle game is a version of the well-known logic puzzle called zebra, often called Einstein's Riddle or Einstein's Puzzle because it is said to have been invented by Albert Einstein as a boy. It is also known as Sherlock puzzle because is a deduction puzzle game worth of the best detective.

In pen and paper version normally you have clues like:

1. There are five houses.

2. The Englishman lives in the red house.

3. The Spaniard owns the dog.

4. Coffee is drunk in the green house


The Consistency puzzle game is similar but with graphical clues, where a grid is alredy set with

all possible items (persons, fruit, ...) per cell.

The goal of the puzzle game is to logically deduct all items positions in the provided grid, only one solution

is possible and each puzzle has a different set of clues that makes it unique.

There is many grids sizes (4x4, 4x5, ... 6x6) and difficulty level increases with grid size.

Have fun!



- A mix of challenge and fun puzzles, ranging from easy to difficult,

- More than 1000 puzzles,

- Several grid sizes: 4x4, 4x5, 5x4, 5x5, 5x6, 6x5, 6x6,

- Organize clues with two clue lists,

- Filter clues by item,

- Visualize your thinking with the simulation mode,

- Remove/add items from grid cells,

- Restart puzzle,

- Bad choice alert, with disable option,

- All puzzle progress is automatically saved.

Install instructions

Unzip file and run Consistency.


Consistency-1.0.1-linux-x64.zip 54 MB
Consistency-1.0.1-win32-ia32.zip 50 MB

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Unfortunately, level 4 of 4x4 does not have enough clues to provide a correct solution.


All puzzles should have only one solution provided by clues, I think all puzzles are correct, and until now I have not found a puzzle that can't be solved, all puzzles are computer generated and tested but there can always be a bug.

This being said, here is the solution:

1) Start removing items using left clues and middle clues, you should get something like this:

2) Apply left clues and same column clues, you should get this:


3) Now you got a difficult situation here, the easy way to solve this is using the "try mode" (the beaker icon),  Start with the less number of items for example faces and start marking the correct items using clues, if you find a inconsistency then it means that you need to switch the faces. Start with the wrong face should be like this:

In this picture there is a inconsistency the scepter must be on the right side of coin, but there is already a paper in that position because of pear / face clue.

4) So the solution is to switch cases and solve the puzzle:

I hope this solves your problem and thank you very much for your input.

Using the try mode is optional and you can also infer new clues from existing ones, to try to solve the puzzle the hard way.

for example, the clues: coin >  sceptre  and sceptre > orange , will gives the clue coin > sceptre > orange.

Other clues like: pear | paper and girl | paper will gives the clues that the girl, pear and paper are at the same column.

Using this two clues we can figure out the girl position, the rest is easy.